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General Pool Pass Info
If you already have picture I.D. passes, you just have to come one of the days mentioned below and have your pass verified and stamped for the 2014 season.If you need a pass you’ll have to fill out the attached form and bring a 1 inch by 1 inch face picture of each person listed on the pass request.  You can also submit via email -
If you are the owner of the townhouse, just bring the form and pictures to the pool house on one of the days listed below.  Your pass will be made and ready for pick-up on May 24th, when the pool officially opens. 

If you are a renter, you have to do all the above and you will have to get the bottom portion of the form filled out by the owner, who is waiving their rights to the pool & giving them to you.

Either owner or renter have to supply proof of residency also.  Driver's license or utility bill for the property, will be accepted.

Remember, we can only issue pool passes to you if the account us up-to-date with MJF Assoc.  That means your Association dues are paid and you do not owe any Architectural violation fees.  You must contact MJF Associates to resolve the issue. [703/369-6535] 

When  the pool is open and passes are needed, the paperwork and pictures can be left with the Lifeguards and the passes will be processed and left at the pool house for you to pick-up. This will be done as soon as we are able to.

Initial Pool Passes are made free of charge, however there is a $5.00 replacement charge if your pass is lost or stolen.  Remember, a pool pass is needed to enter the pool, & please remember to pick-up your pass as you leave the pool.  Avoid the replacement charge!

If you don't have a camera, check with your neighbors, or somewhere that does passport pictures, like CVS.

Any questions, please e-mail:


Family fun for everyone!


Attention Owners, Residents and Guests - Proper Pool Use:  Proper swim attire must be worn in the pool.  Swimsuits for women and swim trunks for men.  No street clothes will be allowed.  No exceptions!

If you are not wearing a swimsuit, the lifeguard will ask you to leave.

Thank you -  TOTA Board of Directors


POOL VOLUNTEERS NEEDED.  The pool season will run from Memorial Day Weekend  thru Labor Day Weekend.  The Board is seeking volunteers who are dependable and responsible.  If you enjoy the atmosphere of an outdoor pool and are looking for a great place to spend your summer, then this is the place for you.


Duties and Responsibilities:


Act as liaison between the Board and Lifeguards

Will ensure the required postings are maintained on pool property as required by law.

Will ensure concessions are maintained and the concession area and equipment is kept clean and operational.

                           POOL RULES & PROCEDURES

  1. Pool hours are 11:30 AM to 8:00 PM, daily.  While school is in session, the hours are 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM Monday through Friday [with early openings on Thursday at 2:00 PM] and normal hours on the weekend. 
  2. A valid, current pool pass is required for entry.  Proof of residency is NOT considered a valid pool pass.  Delinquent TOTA dues will result in an invalid pool pass.  TOTA dues must be paid to our management firm, MJF Associates, [10692 Crestwood Dr, Manassas VA 20109-3432].  Dues CANNOT be paid at the pool nor to any Board Member. 
  3. Each resident is responsible for their own pool pass.  These will be handed in when you enter the pool.  Please remember to get your pool pass back when you leave the pool.  Replacement pool passes will cost $5.00 each, and made at the convenience of the Pool Committee. 
  4. Guest passes are available for $2.00 each per day, or $5.00 for a weekly pass.  Season ‘Daycare’ passes are available at the rate of $40.00 each, per child, for daycare providers who are residents of TOTA & have a valid pool pass. All guests must be accompanied by an adult resident with a valid pool pass. 
  5. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by someone 16 or older, who has a valid pool pass.  Children between the ages of 12-15 must pass a swim test, given by the lifeguards, in order to swim unaccompanied.  Parent/Guardian and child will be required to sign a Code of Conduct.  Children who pass the test may be unaccompanied for 2 hours, no more, per day.  At 2 hours they will be asked to leave, the lifeguards are not daycare providers. 
  6. Non-swimming children requiring flotation devices must be accompanied in the water by an adult [16 yrs. & older] and that adult must remain within an arm’s length of the child!  Failure to comply may result in suspension of pool privileges. 
  7. Admission to the pool will be refused to anyone having any skin disease, sores, inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharge, bandages or any communicable disease as outlined by the County Health Codes. 
  8. All persons must wear proper bathing suits and shower before entering the pool, according to the County Health Laws. 
  9. Running, rough play, foul language, spitting, chewing gum, pets, alcoholic beverages and glass containers are not allowed at the pool.  Anyone misbehaving will be asked to leave. 
  10. The wading pool is reserved for children aged 6 and under, who are supervised by an adult at all times.  Cloth diapers with tight fitting rubber pants are the best for the pool, because disposable diapers tend to clog the filtration system. 
  11. At the Lifeguards discretion, rafts will be allowed on Wednesdays form 3:00 to closing. 
  12. Diving board rules:  Only 1 person on the board at a time. No exceptions! No excessive bouncing.  Diving area must be cleared before the next person gets on the board. 
  13. Rest Periods of 15 minutes will be scheduled every hour.  Adults, 16 & older, may use the pool during the rest period.  Non-swimming children under 3 may be in the pool with the parent/guardian during the break.  All other children must be out of the pool during breaks. 
  14. Safety and Health are our foremost concerns.  The pool rules may be amended as necessary.  Any changes will be posted at the pool.  Please behave in a safe and conscientious manner & respect the lifeguards & their requests at all times.  They are working for the safety of all.
  15. The Lifeguards have the final say in enforcing the TOTA Pool Rules.