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Parking-  Please park in your numbered space.  If a space is numbered and its not your house number, don't park there. The  guest spaces, are intended for your guests.  Let your visitors know that our parking is regulated and double parking is not allowed. Commercial vehicles are prohibited longer than 2 hours except loading and unloading items.  They are never allowed to park overnight anywhere on TOTA property, including your assigned spaces.

Vehicle Maintenance
- Vehicle maintenance of any type is prohibited. Spillage rots away the macadam surface of the parking areas. Thousand Oaks has invested heavily in ensuring the street surfaces are in good repair. Let us keep them that way!    


Street Lights Out

If you notice any of the street lights out in your area, please send an email to , with the location of the light [near what address] and we will contact Dominion Virginia Power to come and fix the light.

  In the Old Bridge area, recycling drop-off trailers are located in the commuter lot at VA 123 and Old Bridge Road in the old Hechinger’s parking lot, the McCoart Complex in the parking lot off Asdee Road and at the Exxon at the Glen at the corner of Old Bridge Road and Prince William Parkway.





Prince William County's Neighborhood Services Newsletter: Neighborhood News



The Foreclosure and Mortgage Help Website sponsored by the Virginia Foreclosure Prevention Task Force.   A new organization created by Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) to help homeowners struggling to keep up with loan payments. Receive individual assistance from housing counselors trained to help people negotiate with lenders and minimize the financial damage.  


Help for your lawn and gardenThe County is an excellent resource to help you.  Contact the Master Gardener/Horticulture Help Line (703) 792-7747 or email  You can visit their office at the Virginia Cooperative Extension-Prince William, 8033 Ashton Ave, Suite 105, Manassas, VA 20109-8202 or online at


The Department of Public Works has a Neighborhood Coordinator who coordinates County and volunteer resources to help neighborhoods develop and strengthen community ties while working to actively improve their neighbor­hoods. Available tools include community public awareness sweeps in conjunction with Property Code Enforcement, neighborhood event planning, organizing community cleanups and more. Speakers are avail­able to address groups on the programs available.


Call 703-792-7018 or email for more information

Occoquan District Land Use Committee:

webpage at


County Mapper.  To find aerial views of your home, complete with property detail log on to Geographic Information System (GIS) website @ County Mapper
Carpooling Info:  1-800-754-7433

Slugging Info:

To Report Potholes:  VDOT 703-366-1900

I-95 (Fourth Lane) Widening.  What's Being Done.  The Virginia Department of Transportation is adding a fourth general purpose lane in each direction to I-95 from Route 123 at the Occoquan River to the Fairfax County Parkway/Route 7100.