Thousand Oaks Townhouse Association

c/o MJF Associates

10692 Crestwood Drive

Manassas, Virginia20109

703 369-6535


Non-emergency: (703) 792-6500

Prince William County Police Department

About MJF Associates

MJF Associates is the community's property management organization, responsible for the execution of various managerial duties to ensure the community remains beautiful and financially-sound.

Thus, MJF manages receipt of all quarterly association dues, which can be mailed directly to MJF at the following address:

Thousand Oaks Townhouse Association

c/o MJF Associates

10692 Crestwood Drive

ManassasVirginia 20109

Phone: (703) 369-6535

Fax: (703) 369-9008

In addition, all architectural change requests are managed through MJF; however, many may require Board approval normally executed at the following monthly meeting.  For association disclosure packets (i.e., by-laws), MJF can also provide additional copies at a minimal cost.

Architectural Requests

Have you received a violation notification by MJF?

MJF performs routine inspections of all community properties to ensure safety and compliance with all association/community architectural guidelines.  These notifications are opportunities for you to ensure your property meets the expectations of the community for safety and compliance, and promotes a healthy financial state on all properties in the community.  Maintaining your property not only helps ensure you obtain the equity you deserve, but that your neighbors have that same opportunity.

For any questions, concerns, and/or updates regarding the status of a notification, MJF can be contacted by mail or phone at the information to the left.

For requesting a re-inspection to potentially close-out a violation notification, please visit their website to submit your request here.

Have your notification ready as you'll need some of that information to request the re-inspection.

Architectural change requests are currently only accepted by submitting all relevant materials by mail (to the address provided above).  This information is provided by you to MJF for review and communication with the association Board of Directors for approval (if required).  To obtain a request form, please contact MJF Associates.

Necessary information you should include with your submission may include a property plat (i.e., architectural diagram of your property), contractors work plans/quotations (excluding cost), and any other supporting materials to build a solid, understandable and clear case for change/update.  For any questions regarding this information, please contact MJF.

Architectural Change/Update Request Key Information

Applicant(s) must submit this application in duplicate with the following, at least 30 days prior to the anticipated start date:

1. Site plan (e.g., plat) showing size, shape, location and distance to adjoining properties of improvements to residence.

2. Color samples and/or manufacturers' brochures, if applicable.  Note: Approved paint colors can be seen here.

3. Architectural plans/drawings (for major additions) and Grading plans, if applicable.

4. Detailed written description of improvement and a copy of any applicable ARC guidelines.

Applicant(s) hereby warrant(s) that Applicant(s) shall assume full responsibility for:

1. All landscaping, grading and/or drainage issues relating to the improvement(s) (including replacing bonds or escrows posted by Developer currently in place affecting the lot).

2. Obtaining all required City, Town and County approvals relating to said improvement(s).

3. Complying with all applicable City, Town and County ordinances.

4. Any damage to adjoining properties (including common area) or injury to third persons associated with the improvement.