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Swimming Pool Information

Who can use the pool?

Any TOTA member in good standing can use the pool.  Good standing means that all dues have been paid to date.  Renters must secure a "waiver of pool rights" from the property owner to obtain a pool pass.

A pool pass form is provided for completion through a mailing, or can be printed by clicking on the link under "Documents & Forms" above.

For a homeowner, just bring the completed pool pass form and pictures (Note: must be a 1" x 1" photograph of the face, not full body) to the pool house on one of the scheduled days (per mailings to each property).  A pass will be provided no earlier than the first day of pool opening (generally Memorial Day).

For a renter, you have to do the same as the rules above for homeowners; however, you must have the bottom portion of the form completed by the homeowner that is waiving their rights to the pool and providing them to you.

In addition, either the homeowner or renter must supply proof of residency as well.  This includes a driver's license with an updated address within the community, a utility bill for a property within the community, or another bill with an appropriate community address and name listed.

Keep in mind that TOTA will only provide pool passes to homeowners and/or renters that are paid on their accounts, per an account review by MJF Associates.  That means you must ensure your Association dues are paid in full, and that you do not have any outstanding Architectural Violation fees.  For more information regarding your particular account, please contact MJF Associates at (703) 369-6535.

Age Restrictions:

Do I need a pass to get into the pool?
Yes.  Before the pool season begins, the Board will hold several sessions in which each resident interesting in visiting the pool may have their picture taken for receipt of a pool pass.  When visiting the pool for the first time, a pool pass will be provided to you.  For each additional time you visit, you will be required to show the pass to gain admittance to the pool.

If you already have picture identification (Note: must be a 1" x 1" photograph of the face, not full body), you simply need to come one of the scheduled days (per mailings to each property).  Your pass will be made based on the picture identification, and you may pick it up when the pool opens for the year.

When is the pool open?
Pool hours are from 11:00AM to 8:00PM daily.  While school is in session, the hours are 4:00PM to 8:00PM Monday through Friday and normal hours on weekends.

For more information regarding the pool and rules, click here.

What if I lose my pool pass?
Pool passes can be replaced.  Initial pool passes are made free of charge; however, there will be a $5 replacement charge for any subsequent passes needed as a result of it being lost, stolen, damaged/destroyed, etc.  Remember, a pool pass is required to enter the pool to ensure a safe environment, thus please remember to pick up your pass as you leave the pool each time you visit.  Please contact the TOTA Board Secretary in the event you need a new pool pass at

What is the attire for the pool?
Proper swimming attire must be worn in the pool.  Swimsuits for women and swim trunks for men is required.  There can be no street clothes - no exceptions!

Note that if you are not wearing a swimsuit, a lifeguard will ask you to leave.

Full Pool Procedures & Rules for Viewing & Download

Printable Pool Pass Registration Form